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Top Reasons To Keep Your Gutters Clean:

Make Home Maintanence Less Expensive

Clean gutters help promote the water’s direction away from your home. Standing water in gutters invites insects and other animals to your home. It can also cause damage to your roof, ceilings and basement.

Frozen Water Can Split Downspouts

Here in Omaha, if gutters are not cleaned by winter, the water may freeze and split the downspouts causing the unfrozen

water to go everywhere.

Solutions That Don’t Work As Well As Cleaning

Gutter protectors

They come in all forms: metal, plastic, screens and foam. We have cleaned out all of these and have found that they generally are not worth the money. These covers always need to be unclogged at some point.

Leaf blowers

These are often provided by lawn companies, but they don’t work well either. Air can get through, but restrictions can happen. They can slow the water down in the winter, thus causing the water to freeze and the downspout to split.